How Working from Home Can Supercharge Your Productivity

Since the pandemic, more and more companies are learning about the unique dynamics and environment created by remote work. Organizations were forced to institute working from home due to social distancing rules, and many of them have continued implementing remote work due to its convenience. However, some businesses have several fears related to remote work.

Lucy Lyle, entrepreneur and founder of the eCommerce company Perch commented, “In business, even the smallest things can affect your company’s productivity. This is why management is often wary of letting employees work at home with no supervision.” Lucy Lyle continued, “Some of these companies fear the increased potential for procrastination, distraction, and decreased productivity. But remote work doesn’t usually go hand-in-hand with these things.”

Recent studies have shown that 77% of employees demonstrated increased productivity while working at home. There are several factors that contribute to remote work’s ability to supercharge productivity.

The lack of a long commute gives employees more time to pursue healthy activities such as exercise, hobbies, and getting fresh air. All of these have positive effects on employees’ mental and physical health, which translates to increased productivity. Also, offices can be highly social places and many people lose time on sporadic socializing.

However, working from home does not automatically mean you will be more productive. If you still practice bad habits and create a poor work environment, you cannot expect to increase your productivity.

Lucy Lyle explained, “Remote work only increases your productivity if you’re willing to create a quiet, comfortable environment to work in. Eliminate distractions, create a schedule of focused intervals, and don’t forget to take a break every once in a while.”