Tips For Travelling To Jordan In The Winter

Whether you simply prefer to beat the summer crowds or you happen to genuinely enjoy traveling in the cold, Jordan is a great place to go to even during the winter time. Considering the fact that snow is a real possibility, the first thing you should consider is a Queen Alia International Airport car rental so that you don’t have to wait outside the airport if it happens to be a particularly cold day.

Since most places in Jordan do not have central heating, it is a good idea to bring a couple of light jackets as well as big thick ones so that you have something to wear inside without making yourself too warm. Wearing layers is also a necessity since the temperature can vary drastically from one part of Jordan to another.

At the Dead Sea area there are even hot pools if the cold starts to bother you, with Aqaba also being a warmer area. On the other hand, if you are going out at night you will want plenty of warmth. You might especially want to do this if you are going in the month of December and you want to look at the Christmas lights.

In addition to possible snow, the temperature does fluctuate so that rain is an equal possibility. For this reason an umbrella is also advised and you should also consider renting a Monte Carlo Rent A Car so that you can drive from place to place in a warm car.