ALARM MASTERS CORPORATION is a growing family owned and operated company with a loyal commercial and residential client base developed and nurtured since 1990. They install security cameras, IP or non-Ip based. They also install alarms and do alarm monitoring.  In addition, they offer fire alarm monitoring and inspections.

A Yelp reviewer summarized their 1 star rating review and stated:
“In summary, the lack of interest and attention after I questioned their quote is the reason for my 1 star review. It’s extremely frustrating. I am in my own business and even when things are booming, we strive to treat every customer with the utmost respect and attention. So if you are the type to get a quote and go with it, then I’m sure Alarm Masters will do a great job. But if you have any questions about a quote then look elsewhere. It appears they have no interest in informed customers.”

Another reviewer rated them 4 star and stated:
“I contracted with Alarm Masters to upgrade my existing security system. Larry Collins was very helpful and responsive to all my questions. I had Alarm Masters install alarm screens, glass break detectors, and an external siren. They did excellent work at a fair price. I would not hesitate to recommend them for new system installation or upgrades.”