Avoid these three common issues when migrating to a data center

One of the biggest undertakings for any business in the modern age is the relocation of IT infrastructure. A successful move from in-house infrastructure to a Los Angeles data center shows your employers that you can plan and implement large-scale projects. It is a career-defining moment and can go wrong very quickly if you are not careful. Here are some common issues to take into account when creating the project plan:


Infrastructure managers tend to focus all their attention on moving all the infrastructure, but often fail to take into account data migration. Often, the organization allows different departments to handle their own data. One of the first tasks is to reach out to department heads and gather information on data, access methods, and determine the effects of the migration.


Although a project plan will be the basis of the migration effort, it is critical that every single detail of the project is explored in detail before the project begins. In an ideal world, there is nothing you need to figure out during the migration. Everything runs smoothly, and you only need to worry about technical implementation issues.


Lastly, consider the relationships between all the systems that are part of the migration and those that will remain on-site. Often, there are linkages between systems that nobody knows about, and that will only surface when one system is no longer available. Sometimes the only way to find out is to take individual systems down and explore the effects.

When it comes to moving data center infrastructure to a data center like Rack Alley, the key to success is in the details.