How Business Leaders Can Use the Abundance Mentality

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance

Humans possess infinite strengths but many aren’t even aware of this. That leaves us missing out on a huge benefit that could give business leaders an edge. When we look at holographic cosmology, we begin to see how humans are nonpareil beings with limitless power. We can create the wonderful dreams we hope to have. The natural state of the universe is abundance. Think how many stars there are. How many trees, lakes and rivers are there? How many birds and fish exist? Our world is teeming with life.

Understand how infinite energy works

The universe is filled with incredible energy and it’s there for humans as well. We often neglect to understand these important issues. We focus on small things that happen in our lives each day. Maybe there’s not enough inventory or a lack of funds to pay all the company bills. Instead of tapping into the cosmic energy, we tap into those feelings of fear, lack and poverty.

Infinite Abundance

You may feel helpless, but you aren’t. Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded with all the abundance of the earth. Whatever you need to run a successful business is yours. Money comes to you from every direction. You have influence with your vendors. Your customers love you. Your business is highly successful and growing.

You must work each day at focusing on these thoughts of abundance instead of lack. You must make sure your speech is all positive and not filled with fear words. Once we understand these principles, we can create the abundant reality we desire.

Zhang Xinyue is the author of Create Abundance, a must read book if you are interested in self-help and self-improvement. Zhang Xinyue is well known internationally as a body-mind-spirit tutor, founder of Create Abundance and a spiritual therapist. Since 1999, Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance has devoted nearly two decades of her time and energy to the study and practice of body-mind-spirit cultivation.