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Worldwide Plumbing and Jeff Goldman are the least professional plumbing service that I can ever think of. I’m going to let you know right off the bat, I’m extremely patient with things, but these guys just went over the edge.

I called Jeff Goldman after seeing his services in Google. After a brief consultation about the repair process, I received a quote that was actually reasonable. The only decent part about this whole experience was Jeff. The guy’s just naturally charismatic and easy to talk to. This complaint however, is directed towards the lack of service that I paid for.

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Jeff Goldman Worldwide Plumbing Very Poor Service

The plumber that came to my home claimed that there were no issues at all with my toilet, even when I specifically pointed out what was going on. He concluded that the water pressure is going to constantly vary on occasion. No, just no.

After we parted ways, I felt like I paid him to come over and mimic what I was saying about the toilet, and leave without fixing anything. I called Jeff and demanded that he sent over another technician to help fix me out. He gladly obliged but it required me to wait another two-and-a-half weeks. No thank you, I decided to pursue another plumber. I chose one that was actually transparent in their services and didn’t charge me any hidden fees.

Jeff, do us all a favor and hire some technicians that actually know what they’re doing.