What will be handled by a construction advisory service?

Construction Advisory Services will help a construction project effectively and efficiently plan and manage a project. Their services will include improving transparency and accountability among stakeholders, control cost, and minimize and resolving disputes that are part of a project’s lifecycle. Apart from the services mentioned above, construction advisory services also offer the following:

Governance assessment –Lyle Charles Consulting says that if your project is not providing the expected returns and is often disrupted by unexpected events, this may be an indication that your project has not been risk-managed correctly. An efficient construction advisory services team will provide tools and techniques to help executive management achieve project governance. A project’s governance can then be measured by positive influences on the outcome of the project.

Performance audit – Performance auditing can help to increase the return on capital project expenditures. Most services in this regard will include, reviewing risk exposure, assessing controls, scheduling the duration and logic, assessing insurance policies and preparing cost forecast and cash flow.

Project controls – Construction advisory services also include management support in the areas of time and cost management plus include other systems that control the project automatically.

Dispute prevention – Claims can be costly and changes or damages expensive and time-consuming. Advisory service professionals will help to resolve disputes and support clients with claims strategy development, costs, schedule monitoring and auditing.

It is best to consider reviewing many construction advisory service providers before choosing a team that suits your project and company.