Where To Report Bad Businesses?

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If you have had a negative experience with a business and want to report it. Here are a number of options and a process to follow to achieve the best outcome in settling your issue.

Directly approach the source of the discrepancy, try and resolve the situation by contacting the business head office. Alerting the company to the problem and giving them a chance to set it right. 

Posting an online review, be sure to choose your words carefully, be impeccable and give all the details. It is important to have all the facts and proof at hand. 

For general online review, you can post your reviews to Yelp, Google Maps or Revdex.com.

You can also formally complain to the Better Business Bureau, the bureau will explore and contact the business to find a solution. After which the results of the investigation will be made available online.

The Tripadvisor website is for travellers to officially complain about the bad service received when travelling. Likewise, if you have an issue with an attorney, make contact with your local attorney disciplinary office to discuss the facts of your complaint before filing with Avvo.

Revdex.com is an online business directory  where the consumer receives the opportunity to file a complaint and businesses get to defend their business against the complaint. The reason you should post your review at Revdex.com is because any review posted there can easily show up in the search results, and have negative consequences for the business. The directory also offers businesses the opportunity to address any complaints and resolve issues.

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