Why Interim Short Term Management Might Be Beneficial For Your Construction Project

Summary: Cost-efficiency and knowledge are two key components that can completely transform your project.

Interim short term management services might be more beneficial to your construction project than you think. For one, they’re non-committal, the majority of interim managers at least, to long term contracts, which means that you do not have to add a permanent employee to your payroll. Moreover, having an interim short term manager come in a perform duties for your project can bring a fresh perspective that you and your team might have never thought of.

Payroll Management

First off, interim management is considered temporary employment of an experienced manager that can quickly solve problems that occur within a construction site. Typically, these types of managers are hired for as little as a few weeks to a couple of years, depending on the scope of the project.

This benefits the construction owner in a variety of ways, with one being that there doesn’t need to be a significant amount of money invested into the staff. As an owner, you’re already accustomed to balancing expenditures with staff payroll. This alone can place you in a precarious financial position.

A “Fresh” Perspective

An interim manager can bring a new perspective and shed some new light on project ideas. By partnering him or her with crucial members of your team, your management team can collaborate and bring new ideas that could reduce costs, increase efficiency, and promote safety. Nonetheless, it depends on the type of interim manager that you hire and how experienced he or she is.

This is why it is crucial to hire someone that not only has the knowledge to handle key situations, but the experience to take on expansive projects. Experts such as Lyle Charles of Lyle Charles Consulting, can provide insight on how to proceed with new strategies that could potentially change the landscape of your entire construction project.

The Bottom Line

Interim short term managers are a great alternative to hiring a long term manager. As an owner, you want to be financially prepared for any situation that comes your way, especially when legal issues threaten you and your team. In today’s construction industry, it is difficult to finish a project without dealing with at least one delay. The right interim manager that is more than qualified will likely be able to take charge of the situation, reduce delays, and figure out ways to move forward without compromising the success of your project.